Florida Society Uniform Information
The Class “A” (Alpha) Uniform is:  The NSSAR Color Guard is made up of those Compatriots who come to SAR meetings and events properly uniformed as either Continental Soldiers, Militiamen, or attired as Revolution-era clergymen. Most Compatriots also wear a Tri-Corn hat because it is so easily recognized. There are many thoughts on uniforms. Some Compatriots want to appear more well dressed and opt for the Continental fancier uniform. Others want to wear something closer to what their own ancestor might have worn like the Militia uniform. The Militia were also called by many the "shirt-men" because they wore their everyday clothing. Another consideration is the militia uniform is cooler when marching in parades. All of the above three uniforms can also be worn at SAR events calling for “Formal attire” or “black tie”, which includes the black (tuxedo) or white dinner jacket with appropriate accessories.

The Class “B” (Bravo) Uniform is:  Dark Blue Sports Coat, white shirt, SAR red tie and gray pants.

The Class “C” (Charlie) Uniform is:  Dark Blue Sports Coat, light blue shirt, SAR red tie and white pants.  The Charlie Uniform is usually worn at funerals, grave marking ceremonies and flag retirement ceremonies with Tri-Corn.

Colonial Uniforms
To see the different styles of uniforms other SAR Members have chosen, we suggest you first read the NSSAR Color Guard Handbook and/or read some of the past issues of "The Colorguardsman Magazine". These can both be found on the "Color Guard Committee" web page at:


Some of the vendors used by others for Uniforms and Accessories include (As of 09/12/2016):

A.    Full Service Vendors
The Sutler of Mount Misery – G. Gedney Godwin
A complete source with good quality
610-783-0670    Box 100, Valley Forge, PA 19481

Jas. Townsend & Sons, Inc.
Extensive accouterments, patterns, clothes and uniforms
219-594-5852    133 North First St., Box 415, Pierceton, IN 46562

C. & D. Jarnagin Co.
A complete source with good quality
662-287-4977    103 Franklin St., Corinth, MS 38834

The Weeping Heart Trade Co.
Will research and then make Revolutionary War Uniforms
859-727-0910    48 Linwood Ave, Erlanger, KY 41018

Smoke and Fire Trading Co.
419-832-0303    P.O. Box 166, Grand Rapids, OH 43522

Turkey Foot Trading Co. – Allen and Colleen Schroll
419-832-1109    P.O. Box 58, Grand Rapids, OH 43522

B.    Custom Service Vendors
Historic Seams
Reenactors clothes make to order, excellent quality.  Also makes women's clothes.
360 Nutt Road, Suite 2, Phoenixville, PA 19460

Recommended by Jerry Montgomery - ARSSAR President
Sharon Urick and her staff at Sew! Sew! Military Uniforms
They specialize in Military Uniforms and historical clothing for ladies and gentlemen.

C.    Yardgoods/Fabrics for Period Clothes
Textile Reproductions – Kathleen B. Smith
413-296-4437    P.O. Box 48, West Chesterfield, MA 01084

Thistle Hill Weavers
518-284-2729    R.D. #2, Box 75 Baxter Road, Cherry Valley, NY 13320

Wm. Booth, Draper – Used for Shoe Buckles, Fabrics, and Patterns
815-648-9048    2115 Ramada Drive, Racine, WI 53406

D.    Shoes
Fugawee Corporation
800-749-0387    3127 Corrib Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32308

E.    Hats
Clearwater Hat Co.
870-347-2252    1007 Clearwater Road, Newnata/Timbo, AR 72680

F.    Accoutrements
Avalon Forge – Metal items
410-242-8431    409 Gun Road, Baltimore, MD 21227

Beaver River Trading Co. – Jack and Donna Vargo – Indian clothing
315-346-1505    R.D. 1, Box 109 Belfort Rd, Croghan, NY 13327

G.    Muskets and Rifles
Dixie Gun Works, Inc. – Pedersoli Distributor)
901-885-0700    Dept. 14, P.O. Box 130, Union City, TN 38281

Davide Pedersoli & Co. – Does not sell to private customers - distributors only
Brown Besses, Kentucky & Pennsylvania rifles, French muskets and more

Beauchamp & Son Inc., DBA Flintlock's Etc. – Pedersoli Distributor
413-698-3822    160 Rossiter Road, Richmond, MA 01254

Cherry's Fine Guns – Pedersoli Distributor
336-854-4182    3402-A-West Wendover Ave., Greensboro, NC. 27407

H.     Fun Items

For Fun Items with a History Twist, visit Gearhuman


I.    Militia Uniform
The Information Below is as of October 2014.

Basic Militia Uniform    Total Paid, including shipping    $164.00
Optional Items    Total Paid, including shipping    $145.45
What you spend is up to you.    I spent $305.45 in October 2014

Pictures below. Please disregard the model, but finances are low. Picture on the left is the “Basic” Uniform, with pants, shirt, and hat. Picture on right includes the optional items listed below.

With respect to the Militia uniform, the basic uniform consists of the following:
• A hat – either tricorn or round;
• A hunting shirt;
• A white or checkered shirt;
• Long britches or fall-front trousers;
• Shoes (not necessarily buckle since the long pants leg will cover the buckle area).

Haversack: The haversack carried the basic necessities of the soldier including rations, smaller mess kit items, wallet, etc. Today, it is an ideal place for the guardsman to carry his wallet, cell phone, glasses or other necessary items. It should be made of linen or some similar material.

Powder Horn / Tomahawks / Knives: These items are not parts of the Continental uniform. They are identified with the Militia uniform and should only be worn or carried by those guardsmen in that uniform. These items can be carried using rawhide or leather strings or other materials. They can also be inserted in belts or other woven sashes. As a matter of personal and corporate safety, edged weapons (including swords above) must have the blades covered or secured within an appropriate scabbard.

Basic Uniform
Ordered from Cooperstown Trading Post
Men's Shirt – natural, XXL    $35.00
Men's Dropfront Britches and Knee Britches - Large – 44-inches, Full-length, Cotton    $50.00
Subtotal    $85.00        Shipping    $15.00       Total    $100.00

Another option instead of Dropfront Britches is Levi brand Loose Straight Fit Jeans in white. About the same price but with fewer buttons and belt loops to help hold your pants up.

Ordered From Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc.

Black Heavy Wool Felt Tricorn HW-916    $95.00

Typical of the revolutionary war or colonial period. Black wool felt hat cocked and trimmed in white or black. Finished with a cotton hatband inside. Rosette cockade with pewter button on left side. Give head measurement. Specify black or white trim. Max. hat size 7-3/4. A favorite of soldiers, civilians and fife and drum corps. DON'T FORGET TO CHOOSE YOUR HEAD MEASUREMENT!

NOTE: This is the hat I have. Others available from other sellers in the $40.00 range. Do a Google search.

Optional Uniform Items

Ordered from Crazy Crow Trading Post
Frontier Rifleman’s Knife with Sheath    Code:    4926-005-002
Carried as a personal sidearm by frontiersmen, militia and mountain men from the pre-Revolutionary period throughout the fur trade era, this blade is typical of the large knives of this period. Approximately 18” overall, with a 13”+ heavy steel blade, thick buffalo horn scales attached with brass pins, and hand laced leather sheath with incised designs and belt loop.
Cost:    $33.50  Shipping: Standard Ground Delivery:    $8.95      Total:    $42.45
They also sell “Mountain Men Clothing” with pants and shirts

Ordered from Cooperstown Trading Post
Eastern Longhunter Shoulder Bag    $15.00
Throwing Hawks – E. Revolutionary Poll Hawk    $24.50
Belts and Buckles - 2" – 50" - 51", Brass    $30.80
NOTE: Get the 3" Belt if also getting the Tomahawk Holder or  Knife with Sheath
Subtotal    $70.30        Shipping    $15.00       Total    $85.30

Ordered from Thunder Wolf Leather
Seller no longer in business. Try an internet search.
Longhunter's Tomahawk Holder  $9.95
Rivet Style Tomahawk Blade Sheath #012  $7.75
Shipping    Free       Total    $17.70

Uniform Information

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