Saramana SAR Chapter  Sons of the American Revolution 

Sustaining Member Program

 Sustaining Members are chapter members, friends of Saramana SAR and other supporters who believe in our society and chapter – and care deeply about our work. Sustaining Members understand that in order to maintain the various programs and community outreach of Saramana SAR – we need to keep the chapter financially viable. By becoming a sustaining Member, you are investing in Saramana SAR and its future. And, you can designate how your gift is used.
Why become a Sustaining Member? Saramana SAR operates many educational, patriotic and historical activities and programs in the local community. They all require funding. The cost of these activities has outpaced our typical revenue stream – which are dues and application fees. By becoming a Sustaining Member, you are pledging a donation to the chapter each year and for a specified number of years. This allows the chapter’s Board of Governors to include your gift in its annual revenue forecast. That, in turn, helps determine how much can be spent on programs and activities. The chapter’s good work will only continue if it remains strong, active and well supported. As a Sustaining Member you are helping to ensure the financial health of Saramana SAR – now and into the future.

How to Participate: Fill out the attached pledge form – determine how much you want to give annually, for how long, what month you will make your gift, and for what purpose you want the funds used. Then – give as pledged. That’s it! To open the pledge form, please click
here. Please save the opened form to your computer, then open the saved form and complete it. It is also suggested that you save the form after you have completed it.

Please note that the SAR Forms will necessitate  that you have and use the latest version of the “FREE” Adobe Reader.

For more information on obtaining and using Adobe Reader, please click on Using PDF Files.

What do you get out of it? The satisfaction that you are helping Saramana SAR continue its long history of community activities and programs. Saramana SAR is the one of the largest, most active chapters in the Florida Society. We can only continue doing what we do best with financial help from Compatriots and friends of the chapter who care about what we do – and who want to ensure our efforts continue this year … and beyond.

When you have completed the form, please print it and mail it and your initial donations by check to:

Saramana SAR Chapter Treasurer

Mr. John Boll

149 Big Bass Lane

Sarasota, FL  34242-1606

OR, bring your pledge sheet and initial donations to a chapter luncheons
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