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Patriot Biographies

From the SAR Magazine – Fall 2014
By Doug Collins, Kentucky Trustee

Patriot Biographies

 As President General Lindsey Brock stated in his address at his inauguration in Greenville, S.C., the Patriot Biographies database is one of the focus areas of his administration. Currently, approximately 200 biographical sketches have been submitted to be loaded into the Patriot and Grave Index. It is our hope that we build this database to serve two purposes.
1.    We honor our patriot ancestors by telling their story. As we all know, too much of our history is lost, or is in danger of being lost to the ages. This is one avenue where we can make a difference. As presented in the 1894 Yearbook of the Kentucky Society, “The men whose forefathers took part in the establishment of the Nation were naturally drawn together, and in some of the older States formed themselves into societies to gather the scattered bits of history and save them for coming generations; to preserve alive a memory of the men who gave so much for country and paid so dear a price for liberty …” Approximately 120 years ago, our founders saw the need to preserve our history.

2.    We will enhance the recruitment of new members for SAR. As described in the mission of the Patriot Biographies Committee: The purpose of this committee is to perpetuate the memory of our Revolutionary War patriot ancestors by providing a medium for SAR members to submit biographies of their patriot ancestor(s).

There is no defined format for your submission. We ask that the information be limited to approximately 500 words and be sent in a Microsoft Word-compatible format. There is no need for documentation references. As noted on the database, it is the sole responsibility of the author to research the facts and data contained in the article. Citing sources is not required. The article cannot be used for proof of lineage. It can, however, serve as a guide for the continuation of research.

Our goal here is not to validate/verify the stories; it is to share the history with others. The hope is that new members will be inspired to join the SAR. Existing members might be surprised to learn that they are connected and be able to submit Supplemental Applications. I personally have already found one ancestor through this process, and the Supplemental is currently in the pipeline.

This may seem a little daunting at first, but Saramana Compatriot Steve Fields wrote his in a little less than an hour using just his SAR application record copy and the documentation he had gathered during his research on that ancestor.  Steve has reviewed some of the submissions that members of other chapters have written and has come up with a
short form that might aid you in preparing your own submission. Please click on "Patriot Ancestor Questionnaire" to use the form as a guide. 

Please note that the "Patriot Ancestor Questionnaire"  will REQUIRE  that you have and use the latest version of the “FREEAdobe Reader.

For more information on obtaining and using Adobe Reader, please click on Using PDF Files.

Suggested Instructions AFTER you have opened the "Patriot Ancestor Questionnaire".

Please save the opened form to your computer and SAVE the file with your name and the current form name as the file name. For example, “Sam Compatriot Patriot Ancestor Questionnaire.PDF” . By having your name as part of the “file name”, another members file can NOT be saved on top of your file. The folder where you save the document is your choice. Just remember where you saved it.

Now please CLOSE the webpage where you obtained the Form and OPEN the saved file on your PC to Continue.

You can also find examples of submitted biographies in the Fall 2014 issue of SAR Magazine on pages 16 and 17. If you no longer have that copy of SAR Magazine, you can access the online version at .

 Our goal is to have our Chapter Members Patriot Biographies linked to our Patriot Members Listing.

Submissions should be sent to Steve Fields at: . Steve has volunteered to look over each story and make sure it contains all the information necessary for You and Your Saramana Chapter to get credit for the submission. Steve will submit your Biography to with a copy to where we can keep track of our Saramana Members that have submitted Patriot Biographies. In this way, Steve will receive the Ancestor Number that we will add to your Patriots Name Listing.

Once your Bio is Posted to the SAR Patriot and Grave Index, you can view it online thru the SAR Website.  Please click on "
View Your Patriot Bio"  to open a PDF file with step by step instructions.

The NSSAR Patriot Ancestors Biographies Committee has developed a method to identify the listing of all the Patriot Biographies that have been entered into the database.  They have established a Patriot named “Index” in the Patriot and Grave Index.  In order to access:

1.  Enter the Patriot and Grave Index ( )  and input “Index” in the box labeled Full or Partial Surname and then click the SEARCH box.  

2.  Patriot Index with Ancestor # P-334038 will come up.  Click on the "Read Biography" box in the lower left corner of the page to access the listing of biographies in the database.

The biographies are listed alphabetically by last name, with the P-xxxxxxx number in the left column.  You can then scroll through the listing if biographies entered.