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Oration Contest

SAR Oration Contest

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This Brochure describes ALL of our Youth Award Programs.

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The SAR Oration Contest

The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution invites all high school students (9th through 12th grades) interested in the American Revolution to participate in the Joseph S. Rumbaugh Historical Oration Contest. The contest is open to all students attending public, parochial, private or home school students in that same grade range. The preliminary rounds of the contest begin at the local level (Saramana SAR Chapter), students may potentially advance to the state or national levels where scholarships and cash prizes are awarded.

The oration is to be five to six minutes in length and should be based on a compelling Revolutionary War subject that is directly related to current national issues and patriotism. Evidence of historical research and creative presentation are also important. The oration will be judged based upon its composition, delivery, significance, and historical accuracy and relevance.

The Contest
The contest, at National, should be  conducted in a room with seating arranged in a theater-style format. Access to the room is limited by doorkeepers. The master of ceremonies welcomes the audience and the contestants. He then explains the contest rules. Orations must be five to six minutes in length. The timekeeper will raise a paddle at five minutes. The timekeeper will stand at six minutes. If the timekeeper stands at six minutes the contestant may finish the current sentence without penalty.

Orations that are short or over the five to six minute limit will receive a penalty from the judges. Only the assigned prompter may prompt the contestant. The contestant requests a prompt by saying “prompt.” Prompts will also receive a penalty from the judges. All cell phones are to be silenced. The audience is to remain silent

throughout the competition. No applause may be offered until all orations are completed and the master of ceremonies indicates that applause is appropriate. The master of ceremonies will only refer to the contestants as contestant #1, #2, #3, #4 and so forth.

Chapter Contests
The contests usually begin at the local SAR chapter level. Then the winner of each local chapter competes at their state society contest. The state society selects a state winner whose entry is then submitted to the national society oration chairman. The chapters set the dates of the chapter contests, but the chapter contests must be completed by the state society entry deadline that is determined by the state society oration chairman.

The deadline for Saramana Chapter SAR entries is December 1st and the Chapter must notify the Florida SAR Society of the Chapter Winner by January 15.

Chapter  Responsibilities
Chapter Cash Awards are determined by the chapter. Expenses of the chapter include:
The chapter winner’s bronze medallion
Certificates for the 1st place, the 2nd place and  3rd place winners
Recognition certificates for all other contestants. The chapter winner’s bronze medallion, certificates and presentation folders can all be purchased from the NSSAR Store. See the on-line store for current prices.

State Society Contests
The states set their own dates for the state contests. These usually occur in March, April or May, but must be completed by the national society entry deadline of June 1st in each contest year.

State Society Responsibilities
State Society Cash Awards are determined by the state society. Expenses of the state society include:
The state winner’s silver medallion
Certificates for the 1st place, the 2nd place and  3rd place winners
Recognition certificates for all other contestants.
The state society usually covers the state winner’s travel and accommodations at the National SAR Contest conducted during the NSSAR Congress
The state winner’s silver medallion, certificates and presentation folders can all be purchased from the NSSAR Store. See the on-line store for current prices.

National Society Contest

The National Society competition between State Society winners is held during the NSSAR's National Congress in June/July.

Contestants arrive the afternoon of the day before the National Society Contest. There is a welcoming 

reception in the early evening. Following the reception, each contestant will have a brief opportunity to experience the view from the oration stage during a sound check. On the contest day, there is a mandatory breakfast where the contestants draw their order for the preliminary competition. The preliminaries follow directly, and conclude with the finalists being announced by their assigned numbers. Lots are then drawn for the presentation order for the final competition later that evening.

The NSSAR offers scholarships or cash awards for the top winners:
The National First Place Winner receives $5,000
The 2nd Place Runner-up receives $3,000
The 3rd Place Runner-up receives $2,000.
Each also receives an Olympic-sized medal.
All other finalists (4th through 6th Place runners- up) are awarded $400 cash.
All other national contestants receive $200 cash.

The 1st Place national winner presents their winning oration the following day at the National SAR Youth Awards Luncheon.

A complete set of rules, along with the application for both the applicant and the sponsoring SAR members, can be found on the National SAR website at

We hope that you and the youth in your chapter and state will find the Joseph S. Rumbaugh Historical Oration Contest a rewarding, meaningful and educational experience.

The Saramana Chapter SAR  awards three cash scholarship awards, and college plans do not have to be completed in order to receive the cash award.

Please be aware that contestants must be present at the Award Luncheon in December for the SAR  Oration Contest in order to receive any Cash or Medal Awards. Please visit our Saramana Calendar of Events and look under December for the Regular Luncheon Meeting and the exact date and time.

The Saramana Chapter SAR  Cash Scholarship Awards are:
First Place Winner receives $1,500.00
2nd Place Runner-up receives $350.00
3rd  Place Runner-up receives $150.00

At the Florida SAR , the State Scholarship winner normally receives around $1,000.00, second place around $500.00 and third place around $250.00. In addition, the Florida SAR Ladies Auxiliary normally makes additional  scholarship awards of around $300.

This means that if a SAR Orations Contestant in our area can win the Chapter Contest, the State Contest, and the National Contest, they should receive scholarship amounts of around $7,500.  This would be a good start at helping to pay for college.

The winner of the state Society contest may receive expenses toward their trip to compete in the national contest.

Required Form Download:
To obtain the Required forms, please
go to  the National Society web page at:

There you can down load the "Contest Information Flyer" and the "Contest Forms". These are listed right after a brief description of the contest.

Please note that the Required  Form will  necessitate  that you have and use the latest version of the “FREEAdobe Reader.

For more information on obtaining and using Adobe Reader, please click on
Using PDF Files.

Instructions: AFTER you have opened the Contest Forms.

Please save the opened form to your computer and SAVE the file with your name and the Contest name as the file name. For example, “
Sam Compatriot Oration Contest.PDF” . By having your name as part of the “file name”, another contestant’s file can NOT be saved on top of your file. The folder where you save the document is your choice. Just remember where you saved it.

Now please CLOSE the web page where you obtained the Form and OPEN the saved file on your PC to Continue

The “Applicant” should complete the first part of the “Applicant Form” on Page 1, which would include the first seven rows thru Organization Mailing Address. The Saramana SAR Chapter Committee Chairman is responsible for completing the SAR Information. Please review the instructions and complete the form with all applicable details.

To e-mail Steven R. Fields, click on or call (941) 228-6123.

To see the previous National Society Sons of the American Revolution Scholarship winners, please click on

and scroll toward the bottom of the page. By clicking on some of the Previous Winners names, you will  also be able to read some of the past Orations.