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You can open the PDF file showing the Trust Documents  here.

You can open the PDF file showing the Investment Policy Statement   here.

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In 1992, the leaders of Saramana saw the need to establish a trust fund to benefit our chapter into the future.

This fund was created for the purpose of insuring the continued ability of the Saramana Chapter to participate fully in all of its historical, educational and patriotic activities.  Members and friends of Saramana may contribute to this fund in any amount and donations may be in the form of memorials to friends or loved ones, donations for tax purposes or bequests from estates.  Please make all donations or bequests payable to the Saramana SAR Chapter.  The trust is properly and legally constituted and is administered by five trustees elected by the Board of Governors for the sole purpose of overseeing the fund.

The trustees for 2020:  John H Boll, Steven R. "Steve" Fields (Term Ends 12/31/20),  Bernard C. "Bernie" Schiefer (Term Ends 12/31/21), Richard K. "Dick" Mahaffey (Term Ends 12/31/22) , David C. Purviance (Term Ends 12/31/22).

In December 2014, our Saramana Operating Budget Trust Fund entered into an agreement with the Community Foundation of Sarasota County. Our Trust Fund Assets are now part of the Community Foundation of Sarasota Counties Corporate Endowment Pool. For additional information please read our Investment Policy Statement below.

To learn more about the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, please click  on their Logo.

Operating Trust Fund

Saramana SAR Operating Budget Trust Fund