Saramana SAR Chapter  Sons of the American Revolution 

Luncheon Meetings

These meetings are normally held on the 3rd Friday or Saturday of January, February, March, April, May, October, November and December unless there is a conflict with a state or national meeting in which case our meeting will be rescheduled in order to allow Saramana representatives to attend both meetings. There could also be a conflict with Sara Bay Country Club where our meeting date will have to be changed.

We currently hold our luncheon meetings at Sara Bay Country Club.  Opened in 1926, the beautiful clubhouse provides the perfect setting for our meetings.  The tasteful decor of the old Florida-styled clubhouse creates a warm ambiance that can only come with time and tradition.  Sara Bay Country Club is located midway between Sarasota and Bradenton at 7011 Willow Street, Sarasota, FL 34243-1036.

June 20, 2019 from Charles W. Riegle, Registrar/Historian    Now for the GOOD NEWS
Sara Bay Country Club has purchased a new sound system, which offers us clear vocal reproduction of all guest speakers and the general use by our president and all officers. We have tested the hand-held microphone and the various ceiling mounted speakers. They all work very well.

As many of you know, I am very hard of hearing and have been frustrated by my inability to understand most of our programs.  No more! If you have experienced the same problem, we now can promise you a pleasant meeting experience.

Make your plans now to attend our chapter meetings in October, November, December, and into the New Year.


Wives, family, prospective new members, DAR Members, and your guests are always welcome. Please see the current issue of our Quill & Bugle Newsletter under Newsletters for menu choices and to make reservations.


January -  Flag Awards, Eagle Scout Award,  Essay Contest Award,   American History Teacher Award
February - George Washington Birthday- Special Programs, JROTC Outstanding Cadet Recognition Program
March - SAR Fire Safety and Emergency Medical Services awards ceremony
April - SAR Police and Law Enforcement awards ceremony
May - SAR Poster Contest and SAR Brochure Contest Winners and a Special Speaker
October - Nominating Committee report, Special Speaker
November - Election of Officers, Special SAR Awards
December - SAR  Oration Contest, Installation of New Officers


On three occasions each year luncheons are jointly held with DAR Chapters, Allapattah, Manatee, Myakka, Osceola and Sara De Soto.  The five chapters of DAR, alternate hosting the Flag Day Luncheon in June and the annual Constitution Day Luncheon in September.  We are the guests at DAR luncheon meetings in June and September.

Saramana SAR  Chapter hosts the annual jointly held George Washington Birthday Luncheon on the third Friday or Saturday of February, to be close to February 22nd,  with the DAR as our guest.