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Saramana Life Membership

Why obtaining a Life Membership for you or your children is a GREAT idea.

Since 1992, your Saramana SAR Chapter has made it possible for our members to purchase a Life Membership.  In essence this means that once a Saramana Member purchases a Life Membership to the National Society Sons of the American Revolution, these same members can purchase a Life Membership to the Saramana SAR Chapter that includes the Florida SAR  Society.

The money received from a Saramana Member for the Florida SAR  and Saramana Life Membership is deposited into the Saramana SAR  Operating Trust Fund, and the earnings these funds generate are used to pay to the Saramana Treasurer each year the Chapter and State Dues.  Some principal from these deposited funds may also have to used, but the Trust and the Chapter are committed to pay these dues as long as the member is alive.

Life Membership in the National Society, Florida SAR  Society and Saramana SAR  is available to be purchased at a rate that depends on your age.

Please note that the two Documents listed below will REQUIRE  that you have and use the latest version of the “FREEAdobe Reader.

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Using PDF Files.

For the Application and to view the costs for a Life Membership in the National Society, please visit , scroll down to Organizational Forms and under that find and click on National Life Membership Application Form to open the PDF file.

To view the costs for a Life Membership in the Florida SAR  Society and the Saramana SAR  Chapter, please click on Life Membership Fee Scheduleto open a PDF file.

The primary advantage of a Life Membership is that you never have to pay dues again, and never have to be concerned if dues are increased in the future.

I suggest you look at the current IRS Publication 590-B, to see what they say about Life Expectancy.  That publication is available at  Please scroll down to page’s 44 and 45 and you can see what I used to do the sample calculation below.

Sample Calculation:

From the IRS Publication 590-B Life Expectancy table, at age 69 a Compatriot is expected to live 69 plus 17.8 years or until he reaches about 87 years young.

Paying National Dues for 18 years is (18 x $35) or $630.00.  A Lifetime Membership would cost $425.00 which means a potential savings of $205.00.

Paying Chapter and State Dues for 18 years is (18 x ($32 + $20)) or $936.00.  A Lifetime Membership thru our Operating Trust Fund would cost $740.00 which means a potential savings of $196.00.

Please remember that these potential savings do NOT include possible dues increases, so your savings could be greater.

Yes, it is an unknown if we will live the 18 years to make it to 87.  But, if we make it to 87, the Life Expectancy table says we will make it another 7 years.  Seven years of National Dues is another $245.00 saved and seven years of paying Chapter and State Dues is $364.00.  How the potential for savings adds up.

If you would like help performing these same calculations, please e-mail Vic McMurry, the Treasure for the Saramana Operating Trust Fund.  He will be glad to answer your questions.


The following Saramana SAR Members are NSSAR Life Members AND Saramana SAR Chapter and Florida SAR Society Life Members.

Clarence A. Barrett, Harry E. Cruncleton, Victor G. McMurry, Charles W. Riegle

The following Saramana SAR Members are NSSAR Life Members.
  Robert E. Collins*,  Frank X. Hodalski*, Daniel F. Kennedy*,  Richard K. Mahaffey*,

Scott G. McMurry*,    Joseph P. Rhein*, William A. Segraves *

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