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Life Memberships

Saramana Life Membership

Why obtaining a Life Membership for you or your children is a GREAT idea.

Since 1992, your Saramana SAR Chapter has made it possible for our members to purchase a Life Membership.  In essence this means that once a Saramana Member purchases a Life Membership to the National Society Sons of the American Revolution, these same members can purchase a Life Membership to the Saramana SAR Chapter that includes the Florida SAR  Society.

The money paid for the Florida SAR  and Saramana Life Membership is deposited into the Saramana SAR  Operating Trust Fund and used to pay to the Saramana Treasurer, Chapter and State Dues for the life of the member.  

For the Application and to view the costs for a Life Membership in the National Society, please visit the web page, scroll down to “NSSAR Life Membership Application” and click on “Web Link”to open the PDF file. 

To view the costs for a Life Membership in the Florida SAR  Society and the Saramana SAR  Chapter, please click on Life Membership Fee Scheduleto open a PDF file.

The primary advantage of a Life Membership is that you never have to pay dues again, and never have to be concerned if dues are increased in the future.


The following Saramana SAR Members are NSSAR Life Members AND Saramana SAR Chapter and Florida SAR Society Life Members.

Clarence A. Barrett, Harry E. Cruncleton, Victor G. McMurry, Charles W. Riegle

The following Saramana SAR Members are NSSAR Life Members.
  Robert E. Collins,  Frank X. Hodalski, Daniel F. Kennedy,  Richard K. Mahaffey,

Scott G. McMurry,    Joseph P. Rhein

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