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Public Service & Heroism
The Public Service & Heroism Committee is responsible for promoting and conducting fire, safety and law enforcement programs designed to protect human life and property. The Committee is responsible for oversight of a commendation program designed to recognize those engaged in fire protection, public safety (including emergency medical personnel) and law enforcement work and who risk their lives to preserve and protect the general public.

Each year the Saramana SAR Chapter mails "Nominee Request Letters" to each Police Chief, Sheriff, and the Troop Commander of Troop "F" in Manatee and Sarasota Counties.

The individual Chief, Sheriff, and Troop Commander is requested to select the appropriate award for their nominee. Each department is afforded one nominee; however, if there was more than one officer involved with a qualifying incident, presentations can be made to each officer. Each officer nominated will receive a medal and a certificate. There is no competition among nominees. In addition, the Saramana SAR Chapter sponsors the lunch of each officer nominated and one presenter.

Please forward to the Committee Chairman:
The officer's name, citation, and the name, rank and email address of the presenter so we can verify meal requests.

To e-mail Steven R. Fields, our Saramana SAR  Chapter President, click on or call (941) 228-6123.

Law Enforcement Commendation Medal
Summary: The Law Enforcement Commendation Medal is presented to those who have served with distinction and devotion in the field of law enforcement. The medal is intended to recognize exceptional service or accomplishment in the field of law enforcement. Eligibility is not limited to peace officers but extends to the entire range of persons who make and enforce the law to include but not limited to peace officers, attorneys, judges, prosecutors and legislators who have performed an exceptional act or service beyond that normally expected. The medal may be presented posthumously.

Description: The obverse of the medal depicts a police badge design surmounted by a gold eagle with the SAR Badge below. The medal is accompanied by an enameled bar, suitable for wear on uniform, and a certificate for engrossing. A miniature medal is available.

Publication: The names of all recipients are published annually.

Subsequent Presentation NOT Authorized: An individual may receive this medal only once. Oak leaf clusters or other ribbon attachments are not authorized.

Medal for Heroism
Summary: It recognizes outstanding bravery and self-sacrifice in the face of imminent danger, i.e., acts which involve great personal courage and risk to the recipient. It is intended primarily for acts by civilians not in uniform but does not exclude police, firemen, and SAR members. It is not intended to recognize acts that would have been covered by armed forces medals for valor. The medal may also be presented posthumously.

Description: The medal is in bronze and is similar in design to the Good Citizenship Medal but is inscribed, "Heroism." It is worn suspended from a chest ribbon of the SAR colors. The medal is accompanied by an enameled bar, suitable for wear on uniform, and a certificate for engrossing. No miniature medal is available.

Subsequent Presentation Authorized:  An individual may receive this medal multiple times. Presentation and wear of oak leaf clusters shall follow NSSAR policy.

Publication: The names of all recipients are published annually.

**Please note: The Saramana Chapter requests that you notify us of any individuals (including civilians) that should be awarded the “Medal for Heroism” at any time throughout the year and not wait for our annual awards luncheon.**

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Each April, the Saramana SAR Chapter Honors Law Enforcement Officers from

Sarasota and Manatee Counties.

Awards Available Include:
Law Enforcement Commendation Awards
Heroism Award

Law Enforcement