Saramana SAR Chapter  Sons of the American Revolution 

Dues and Fees

                          Membership Categories, Application
                             Fees, and Filing Instructions
The NSSAR Official Handbook, Volume III states on page 1:
For all categories, the requirements for membership are the same and applications may be made on the same form. All applications are submitted through a State Society because membership in a State Society is mandatory. The information below includes information from form 0910 plus Florida SAR Society and Saramana SAR Chapter information.

NOTE:      Dues submitted with applications are for the CURRENT YEAR.

The 127th Annual Congress of the Sons of the American Revolution approved changes to Section 6 of Bylaw 22 (Fees and Dues).

"A new member shall pay National Society dues for the calendar year in which his application is approved except as follows. Each State Society shall determine when the dues of its members are to be collected; provided, however, that the National Society dues accompanying any application registered after September 1 shall be credited to the following year. At no time shall the National Society hold or delay approval of applications in order to cause membership dues to be credited to the following year.

This provision applies to those applications of new members registered during the period September 1 - December 31. The deciding factor is the Registration Date which is the "Registered by NSSAR" on a Record Copy and "Registered Date" on the Application Status Report. That is the date an applicant's membership is registered, which is the date printed on his certificate and stamped on the back of his application; and, most importantly for dues collection, that is the Status Date shown on State Societies Reconciliations.

This change also requires the genealogy staff of the National Society process applications without regard to when they are approved and that all processing actions of the staff leading to approval proceed without hold or delay. If States are concerned that an application they are submitting is going to get registered prior to the September 1 deadline, and want to ensure the dues are applied to the following year, it is incumbent upon the State Society to hold or delay the submission of applications to National. National will no longer hold any applications.


National Fees & Dues
The National fees and dues are determined annually by the delegates at an Annual Congress.

In computing the amount of dues to be paid by a State Society for any year, all members of such State Society, as shown by the records of the National Society, shall be counted, whose names have not, prior to January 1st of each year, been certified to the National Society to have been removed from the membership roster of such State Society.

New member annual dues for that calendar year in which their applications are approved by the National Society and is included in the application fee.

Saramana Chapter SAR By-Laws, Article IV, Section 2 states:

ANNUAL DUES AND FEES – Annual Dues which shall be due and payable after September 1st
of each year and shall be the sum of the dues and fees required by the National Society, the
Florida SAR  Society and this Chapter. Failure to pay annual dues by December 5th terminates
membership in the Chapter. Any membership so terminated may be reinstated by the payment of
all delinquent dues and any reinstatement fee prescribed by the National Society or the Florida
Society. (Please see "Reinstatement of Membership" below for the correct procedure including completing the correct form and the amounts that are due.)

The Sons of the American Revolution uses fillable, savable, and emailable PDF forms. They all use the

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