Saramana SAR Chapter  Sons of the American Revolution 

The Saramana Chapter SAR , in an effort to inform those attending any of our meetings, are putting forth the following attire suggestions.

he Saramana Board of Governors Meeting.
Normally held the Wednesday before the Friday Luncheon at the Church of the Redeemer, Downtown Sarasota. For this meeting, Emily Posts “Casual” is all that is needed. For the exact date please Click on
Calendar of Events.

All Saramana Luncheon Meetings.
Normally held the third Friday of the month, October thru May. There are also two DAR Luncheons, the Flag Day Luncheon in June and the Constitution Day Luncheon in September. All of these follow the same guidelines. For the exact date please Click on
Calendar of Events.

•    Members of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR), whether in the
       Saramana Chapter or any other Chapter in the United States or overseas.
•    Men who are interested in becoming a member of the SAR.
•    Wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces, and “significant others”
        of members or prospective members of the SAR.
•    Members of the Daughters of the American Revolution, whether or not
       related to a SAR member.

•    Jacket & tie
•    The Class “B” (Bravo) Uniform is: Dark Blue Sports Coat, white shirt,
        SAR tie and gray pants.
•    Military uniform (veterans or active duty)
•    Scout uniform
•    The Class “A” (Alpha) Uniform is: The NSSAR Color Guard is made up of those Compatriots who come     to SAR meetings and events properly  uniformed as either Continental Soldiers, Militiamen, or attired as
Revolution-era clergymen. Most Compatriots also wear a Tri-Corn hat because it is so easily recognized. There are many thoughts on uniforms.  Some Compatriots want to appear more well dressed and opt for the        Continental fancier uniform. Others want to wear something closer to what their own ancestor might have worn like the Militia uniform. The Militia were also called by many the "shirt-men" because they wore their
everyday clothing. Another consideration is the militia uniform is cooler  when marching in parades. All of the above three uniforms can also be worn at SAR events calling for “Formal attire” or “black tie”, which
includes the black (tuxedo) or white dinner jacket with appropriate accessories. For more information, please click on Uniform Information.
•    Recommended is what Emily Post calls Business Formal to Business
Casual                                                       to the high end of Dressy Casual
•    DAR attire
•    Period attire

Items that are normally worn with the Class “B” uniform include items we purchase from the National Society, Sons of the American Revolution.

On the web site, click on the “Store” Tab, to look at the following items you may want to purchase. This is but a small sampling of the items available, as we have tried to list only the most popular personal items.

Under Insignia, please consider:
SAR Badge
This is available as a combination set which includes both the Large Medallion and the Miniature Medallion (No 0392). It is also available for slightly less with only the Large Medallion (No. 0390). Unless you plan on attending National events, you will never wear the Miniature Medallion.

Please click on SAR Badge to read about its description and history.

Under Personalized Items, you may want to consider:
Personalized Name Badge
Enter your name as you would like it to appear, Your Chapter – Saramana Chapter, Your State Society – Florida Society.

You might consider two different Badges. The Pin Style for your Blue Blazer. The Blazer material is too thick for the Magnet to work all the time. I use the Magnet Style for use on a casual shirt, where the pin style could damage it.

Under Jewelry and Accessories you may want to consider:
SAR Tie Tac (No 0652). Remember, the rosette should never be worn when wearing the SAR Badge (neck or chest ribbon). Take the chain off the Tie Tac and use as a Lapel Pin.

Under Apparel, you may want to consider:
Some of the most popular are: the SAR Blue Logo Silk Tie (No. 0685), the SAR Red Silk Tie (No. 0682), and the SAR Striped Silk Tie (No. 0684). There are many other ties to choose from.
The SAR Dress Shirts and the SAR Polo Shirts are very popular.

These are but a few of the items you may want to purchase for yourself or as gifts. For more information, please click on -
SAR Store Items

Appropriate Attire